Current Projects – Outdoor History Panels

Capital Cornerstones – Outdoor History Panels – COMING SOON!

  • Seven electrical boxes in Salem will be wrapped with a vinyl material that is printed with facts and photos about Salem’s history
  • These vinyl wraps will last for many years but can be easily removed if necessary
  • Graffiti resistant material
  • Each box text will be translated into an appropriate language (Spanish, Chinese, or a Kalapuyan dialect)
  • Inexpensive and funded through a grant program with the State Historic Preservation Office
  • City of Salem Community Development partnering with the Salem Culture and Heritage Forum and other institutions listed below

Short description of topic and partners:

  • Public Amusement (Liberty and Court Streets):
    • Types of amusement in Salem. Modern day festivals like World Beat or activities like the Salem Riverfront Carousel. Historic focus on parades in Salem.
    • Partners: Salem Multicultural Institute, Salem Riverfront Carousel
    • Translated into Spanish
  • Theater History (Court and High Streets):
    • History of many theaters in Salem’s downtown. Including Bligh’s Capitol Theater, Ye Liberty Theater, and the modern-day Elsinore and Grand Theaters.
    • Partners: Elsinore Theater, Enlightened Theatrics, Grand Theater
    • Translated into Spanish
  • Salem’s Moving History (Church and Court):
    • History of moving buildings in Salem. Will feature Post Office (now Gatke Hall of Willamette University), and several buildings moved to the Gilbert House Children’s Museum and the Willamette Heritage Center.
    • Partners: Willamette Heritage Center, Gilbert House Children’s Museum
    • Translated into Spanish
  • Salem Chinatown History (State and High):
    • History of Salem’s Chinatown, including history Sanborn Maps of the area, and information about several of its important residents, like George Lai Sun – the Mayor of Chinatown and successful merchant.
    • Partners: Salem Chinese Shrine Advisory Committee (including participants from the State Historic Preservation Office, Willamette University, Salem Pioneer Cemetery, Hoy Yin Association, Willamette Heritage Center, City of Salem, and others)
    • Translated into Chinese
  • Indigenous Art (State and Cottage):
    • History of Indigenous Peoples in the area. Will feature information about Tsamikiti (anglicized Chemeketa and now Salem), and the cultural practices of the Santiam Kalapuya who lived here.
    • Partners: Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, Hallie Ford Museum of Art
    • Translated into a Kalapuyan dialect
  • Mission Street History (High and Mission):
    • History of Mission Street individuals include the Bushes, Lord and Schryver, and Deepwood residents.
    • Partners: Bush House Museum (Salem Art Association), Deepwood Museum and Gardens, Lord and Schryver Conservancy
  • Chinese Ceremonial Table (Salem Pioneer Cemetery:
    • History of the Chinese section of the Salem Pioneer Cemetery, including the historical and modern use of a ceremonial table used during Qingming – similar to American Memorial Day.
    • Partners: Salem Pioneer Cemetery, Chinese Shrine Advisory Committee
    • Translated into Chinese

Draft of Public Amusement Box:

Public Amusement Proof

Questions or comments can be directed to Kirsten Straus, Historic Landmarks Commission Staff Assistant, or 503-540-2347

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