A Great Start!

The group met last Tuesday, June 4, in the Reed Opera House.  Two of our signs have been installed already.  One is located along High Street next to Bush’s Pasture Park, and the other is located to the north, near the Chamber of Commerce.

photo 3

We were lucky enough to have technical support again from the Heritage Commission staff, who provided some additional guidance for the group.  Elections were held, and Ross Sutherland was appointed as the new Chair, with Graham Morris and Lois Cole agreeing to be Vice-Chairs for the group.

The group decided to support an initial collaberative project which will be a series of coloring pages of Salem’s historic buildings. These will be available for distribution at the Marion County Fair on July 11-14 in the Heritage & Heroes section. This was seen as a great opportunity to promote both the Heritage All-Star Designation as well as distribute information from Salem’s cultural and heritage organizations.

The group will meet again in September, at which time they will discuss their Mission Statement, future projects and a possible strategic plan to help promote heritage tourism in Salem.  If you are interested in being part of Salem’s Heritage All-Star Forum, or if you’d like to receive a copy of the full notes of the meeting please contact Kimberli Fitzgerald at kfitzgerald@cityofsalem.net and we can add you to our email group.

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