Salem Heritage All-Star PR Outline

At the meeting on Tuesday, Travel Salem generously offered to prepare a draft Public Relations Plan to help get the word out about Salem’s new Designation as a Heritage All-Star Community.  Below is a copy of this draft for your review and comment.

Travel Salem will do all items in italics.

 Local Media:

  • Presentations
    • Salem City Council – Kimberli will set up
    • Marion County Commissioners – Kimberli or heritage community to present
  • Print
    • Send press release to:
      • Local newspapers within M & P county (e.g. Statesman, Willamette Weekly) 
      • Pitch to cultural heritage & preservation publications
      • City of Salem Urban Development (Nicole Miller is the PR person for Urban Development)
      • Travel Salem, Chamber of Commerce, SEDCOR
      • Travel Oregon
      • Salem Neighborhood Associations (Kimberli)
  • Broadcast
    • Send press release and/or 30 second PSA to:
      • Local radio stations (e.g. KMUZ, KBZY)
      • CCTV
      • Portland TV (e.g. Channel 2,6,8,12)
      • Contact Drew Carney re: first signs installed


  • Social Media
    • Travel Salem, Chamber, SEDCOR etc. to post on their Facebook page
    • Each heritage site to post on their Facebook page

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