Salem Heritage All-Star Meeting Notes: 4/9/2013

Salem Heritage All-Star Designation Meeting
April 9, 2013

Facilitated by Oregon Heritage, Kuri Gill and Sheri Stuart

Meeting Summary
Salem’s heritage organizations were invited to learn about the Oregon Heritage All-Star Community designation recently awarded to the city of Salem. The designation is the of the work that they do for the community. Discussion was held around three topics:
1. Current conditions for collaborations of heritage organizations in Salem
2. Promotion of the Heritage All-Star Designation
3. Future prospects for collaboration and using the resources offered by the designation

1. The designation will be presented to city council at a public meeting. The second choice is
to join with the Travel Salem meeting in May.
2. The designation should be announced in May in concert with Preservation Month
3. Travel Salem offered to create a PR plan for the announcement of the designation and
help with its implementation
4. The placement of the signs will be discussed later, following  a later discussion about
Salem heritage goals
5. The group would like to see collaboration among heritage organizations
6. The group would like to see promotion of heritage tourism in Salem
7. The group will be called Salem Heritage All-Star Forum
8. The group will use the designation and its maintenance as a framework to create a
heritage plan
9. The group will meet again in June to begin this process. The city will organize the meeting
and coordinate with Oregon Heritage for facilitation.
10. The city must be conduit to access resources from the designation
11. Oregon Heritage will share their press release with the city in advance

Discussion Notes:

Below is a summary of some of the brainstorming that was done at the meeting:

Current Collaborations
“Heritage Ticket” to museums
Collaborations built on personal relationship
Facebook – share “realtime” info to promote arts and events
Workshops/ Open forums
Cultural Heritage Guide
Collaboration with National Organizations
Training in fundraising with Development Professionals organization
TOT application requires cross promotion
Interactive online map
Exhibit cross promotion
Tabling space for other orgs

Issues and Challenges
Need coordination of downtown events, a calendar
No overarching plan
Each organization is focused on what they do best
No one overseeing the process, so it ebbs and flows
Lack of communication
Complexity and number of heritage organizations
Need a “coach”
Have their own mission and vision, but no overarching vision
Distinct differences (fees, hours, etc) can be a barrier
Sense of competition, fear of collaboration
Not fully capitalizing on National Historic Preservation Month, May
Limited staff time
Starting point to develop long range calendar, to see potential collaboration

Amazing photos to Travel Salem
Radio/listen live
Reprint heritage guide
City heritage portal
Keep taking advantage of the Statesman and other media opportunities
Walking map/app
Landmarks Commission plan – heritage tourism
Reader board at the library
National Historic Preservation month
Capitalize on heritage as an identity for Salem
Holiday trolley tours, done in the past
Walking tours
Non-traditional partners to enhance livability

All-Star designation promotion
May preservation month, landmarks awards
Preservation Fair at the capitol mall
Travel Salem meeting
CCTV may let us announce
Attend meetings of – county commissioners, chamber
Put in individual newsletters, blogs, etc
Travel Salem will create a PR plan
A sign to city council from the landmarks commission
A sign to chamber of commerce
Graphic (electronic) to all organizations
Multiple signs
Street placement for signs
Downtown placement
Invite other organizations to participate
Coordinate so logos and announcements all go up at once, for all the orgs
Smaller signs for each of the heritage sites
Create a plan before deciding sign location
Invite media when the first sign is installed

Using the opportunity and All-Star resources to build collaboration
Develop a heritage plan
Have a forum for a specific period of time or project, so people aren’t committing for longterm
Build off Salem preservation plan
Maintain the Heritage All-Star designation
Call the group Salem Heritage All-Star Forum
Get Salem to like itself

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